Getting started

Taking your first steps in kayaking can be daunting. We want to help make it enjoyable!

You will discover how to make the kayak go forward, backwards, sideways and turn. You will also be shown how to fall out of the boat. Beginners are usually fearful that they will be stuck in the boat, but the truth is that it is quite difficult to stay in a craft that is upside down.

We also show you how to manage rescues, to get back into your craft with the help of others.

To contact someone

To join or renew your membership

Club membership is £40, due on 1 Jan 2023.

There is a CANI affiliate fee of £10 also payable for those who do not have their own individual home nation membership.

Club donations

To help us keep the equipment in working order and cover the costs of training coaches we ask for a donation of £5 if you need to borrow club equipment or attend a training session. We have both sea & river kayaks in our fleet.

If you have arranged to attend a Saturday skills session or a Thursday evening paddle on a Come and Try basis rather than as a member, or if you just want to send us money, please use the form below.

Getting serious ...

If you're interested in kayaking you can come and try padding with BKC for 4 sessions / trips - after four you must join the club to paddle with us.

If you decide to take the sport further than a few taster sessions, then you will really need to think about getting gear - this usually is a wetsuit and some sort of paddling top (cag) - at BKC we have a number of river kayaks and sea kayaks, all with associated spraydecks, helmets and paddles, for people without their own boats to use, but we do not have personal clothing to lend out.