Items relevant to a beginners award
BCU two star or Euro Paddle Pass level two (green paddle)

A flat water award covering a range of kayakand open boat (canadian canoe) skills.This award must be assessed in both a kayak and canoe. It should be assessed in more than one location, e.g. a river and the sea, and the padddler must have taken part in more than one club event. Consequently it demonstrates a broad set of skills in controlling a variety of craft in sheltered conditions.


  • Paddlers must use more than one type of boat
  • When using an open boat (canadian canoe)
    learn to paddle on both sides, without switching
  • When using a double sea kayak or an open boat with two people,
    try both front and back

Technical Ability

  • Lifting, carrying and launching
  • Forward paddling, reverse paddling and stopping
  • Maintain an active posture and good body rotation
  • Using the power of the torso
  • Appropriate trim
  • Steering a kayak
    • Sweep strokes
    • Low brace turn
    • Beginning edging
    • Stern rudder
    • Bow rudder
  • Steering an open boat
    • One-quarter sweep strokes
    • J strokes
    • Outside pivot turn
    • C strokes
    • Beginning edging
  • Paddle straight courses and figure-of-8 courses
  • Draw strokes and moving the craft sideways
    • Classic draw stroke
    • Sculling draw
  • Stern rudder and keeping the craft straight
  • Support strokes and preventing a capsize
    • Low brace / low support stroke
    • Sculling for support
    • High brace / high support stroke
  • Returning to the bank or beach and disembarking
  • Securing kayaks and canoes to trailers and roof racks


  • Capsize drill – swim ashore; retain equipment; empty; (assisted) re-entry
  • Eskimo rescue, bow presentation and paddle presentation
  • Peer rescue via X-Rescue, curl, or tow to shore
  • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Buoyancy aid, helmet and spray deck
    • Kayak and paddle
    • Personal clothing – windproof & waterproof clothes
  • Water Confidence