Items relevant to an introductory award
BCU one star or Euro Paddle Pass level one (yellow paddle)

A flat water award reflecting basic boat control that can be done in a kayak or open boat (canadian canoe).The first star award reflects the level of skill that people would typically reach after a 6 hour introductory course, e.g. one full day on the water or a six week evening course.


  • Try to use different types of boat
  • When using an open boat (canadian canoe)
    learn to paddle on both sides, without switching
  • When using a double sea kayak or an open boat with two people,
    try both front and back

Technical Ability

  • Lifting, carrying and launching
  • Forward paddling, reverse paddling and stopping
  • Maintain an active posture
  • Turning using sweep strokes, looking where you are going
  • Paddle straight courses and figure-of-8 courses
  • Moving the craft sideways using the classic draw stroke
  • Keeping the craft straight using the stern rudder
  • Preventing a capsize using a low support stroke
  • Returning to the bank or beach and disembarking


  • Capsize drill – swim ashore; retain equipment; empty; (assisted) re-entry
  • Personal Protective Equipment
    • How to use a buoyancy aid and helmet
    • The basics of a kayak and paddle
    • Appropriate personal clothing – windproof & waterproof clothes
  • Water Confidence