The club is open to all members of the public and is intended to promote kayaking and canoeing in a cross community environment. The club is mostly non-competitive and we aim to encourage people to feel safe and confident in a white water or sea environment. To build confidence and good basic skills, we try to get as many people as possible to obtain British Canoe Union Beginners and Intermediate Certificates (1-3 star). To achieve this we run a number of training courses, which are open to all members at no cost.

We are mostly a sea kayaking club, and our club members participate in several of the canoeing or kayaking disciplines including canadian canoeing, river running, playboating (freestyle), and surf kayaking. The club runs around 200 trips across the North of Ireland every year, and occasional trips further afield.

The Club is a registered charity XR60023 and is affiliated to the Canoe Association of Northern Ireland (BCUNI/477/club/2002).