The Facts

The British Canoe Union, the umbrella body for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, provides an insurance scheme covering members, coaches, officials, volunteers, affiliated clubs and paid employees who have a claim made against them for any wrongful act or omission which causes injury, property damage or financial loss to someone else.

Perkins Slade BCU Insurance Policy

The policy applies to all official club activities, e.g. club training sessions, our regular Tuesday Evening Paddles, etc.

Peer Paddles

The BCU recognise that peer paddling is an important part of the paddlesport landscape. When joining a peer paddle, i.e. an ad-hoc paddle, you are responsible for your own insurance. In Northern Ireland the recognised way to do this is to take out full individual membership of the regional body, CANI.

The Canoe Association for Northern Ireland

Leaders & Coaches

Club members with a 4* Leader qualification or Coaching qualification must have their own full CANI membership.