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There have been some changes to CANI's public liability insurance for affiliated clubs like Belfast Kayak Club.

2015 insurance ceases for ALL affiliated members at the end of December 2015. Membership must be renewed (details provided on the online system and monies paid) as soon as possible to allow BKC and CANI time to ensure your details are correctly entered onto the relevant databases.

Click here to renew/apply for membership

Please check the People section of the website (Event Calendar > People) for confirmation of your CANI Membership Number from January.

Rules on posting paddles will be changing in March to meet the insurance guidelines. Until then it is business as usual and we will update you soon on the changes.



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The club is open to all members of the public and is intended to promote kayaking and canoeing in a cross community environment. The club is mostly non-competitive and we aim to encourage people to feel safe and confident in a white water or sea environment. To build confidence and good basic skills, we try to get as many people as possible to obtain British Canoe Union Beginners and Intermediate Certificates (1-3 star). To achieve this we run a number of training courses, which are open to all members at no cost.



Club members participate in several of the canoeing or kayaking disciplines: open (canadian) canoeing, white water, playboating (freestyle), surf and sea kayaking are all catered for. The club runs around 200 trips across the North of Ireland every year, and occasional trips further afield.


Club members use the pool at the Robinson Centre Montgomery Road, Belfast on a Wednesday night 8.30 - 9.30pm and a Saturday morning at 9.00 - 10am. These sessions are not run by Belfast Kayak Club, however they are staffed by club coaches for the Robinson Centre. Potential members are welcome to come along and talk to the coaches.


The Club is a registered charity XR60023 and is affiliated to the Canoe Association of Northern Ireland (BCUNI/477/club/2002).

Members of the Public are actively encouraged to participate in Club activities - We are a community-based organisation.

The Club Chairman is Emma Dawson.

The Membership Secretary is Deirdre Steen.

The Designated Child Safety Officer is John Cunningham.